We provide tracking services to different types of industries and organisations that are (i) Scalable, economic, precise and effective tracking of people and items indoors and outdoors; (ii) Revolutionary scalable insightful data analysis at individual, contextual and population level and (iii) Detailed predictions of behaviour, needs and position based on mobility modelling in context.

Mobility Tracking and Modelling

We commercialise a mobile tracking and modelling technology developed by The University of Sheffield that has been used by hundreds of thousands of users in the UK, Europe and world-wide. It can be applied to people and vehicles alike. We provide tracking both indoors and outdoors using mobile phones and/or smart watches.

Items Tracking

We have developed a unique low cost technology for tracking items in large infrastructures and outdoors. It uses low costs transponders and relays. Each relay can detect hundreds of thousands of transponders. Battery life is one to five years. Current applications are in hospitals and other large infrastructures. The technology tracks both indoors and outdoors and even items on the move. Transponders and relays are small and can be easily hidden in packages

Data Analytics and Prediction

Our products provide an unprecedented level of insight into mobility of users and items without the overheads, build cost, testing/device compatibility overheads, or other investment that would be required to develop a bespoke solution


We have developed several applications in areas such as health and wellbeing and mobility. As our products are a recent spin out of the University of Sheffield, many of the applications were done with the University hat. Technologies and people are however the same; they have just evolved into professional products and people!

Rotherham General Hospitals

We track dozens of expensive and inexpensive items such as cardiac pumps, bariatric beds, etc.

Cycling In Birmingham

We have supported Birmigham City Council in tracking thousands of free bikes using our Seta app.

Supporting Wellbeing

We have worked with national and local organisations to support the wellbeing of nearly a million citizens through our mobile tracking technologies.


We started in 2007 as a spin out of teh University of Sheffield, Department of Computer Science (Prof. Ciravegna)
  • 2007-2013

    Knowledge Management in Large Enterprises

    We supported our founder, The University of Sheffield, in industrialising technologies that were adopted by major large manufacturers in teh aerospace and manufacturing domains.

  • 2012

    The Floow

    Our company had a key role in teh creation of The Floow, a major provider of telematic insurance. We provided the Chief Innovator and the CTO to the company.

  • 2011-2017

    Large Scale Social Media Analysis

    We supported the University of Sheffield in industrialising their amazing technology for large scale social media analysis that was used in the emergency control rooms of events involving over a million people throughout the UK and Europe!

  • February 2020


    We are exploiting the tracking technology developed by the University of Sheffield with a brand new team

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Leading Team

Prof. Fabio Ciravegna, PhD


Vita Lanfranchi, PhD

Director of Operations

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